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The Impact of the Work and Social Dialogue Legislation

The Impact of the Work and Social Dialogue Legislation, Adopted in 2011 – a Sociological and Legal Research

Despite significant changes took place, the 2011 change of the collective work relations legal framework was made without an impact study, starting mainly from rather hypothetical arguments. An encompassing impact evaluation was not made ex post either and the issue of scarce data became more serious after the new legislation was adopted. Thus, an impact analysis is seriously hindered by the lack of data and by the questionable character of the available information.

Although supporters of the existing law insisted that the 62/2011 Law would result in more transparency, the effects were rather modest in this respect. Adopting the new legislation resulted in fact in an increased opacity of the collective work relations. At the same time, this was also a consequence and a cause of the present evolution of social dialogue. 

The research on which this report is based was conceived to cover a part of the informational void concerning work relations in Romania, following the implemented legal changes. 

Please see attached the legal and sociological overview. 

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