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Employers' organizations

Employers' organizations

What are the attributions of employers’ organizations?

Employers’ organizations represent, support and defend the interests of their members on a national and international level in their relations to public authorities, trade unions and other natural and legal persons, in relation to their activity object and purpose. They perform these activities according to their own statutes and the provisions of the hereby law.

In order to achieve the purpose for which they are established employers’ organizations:

  • represent, promote, support and defend the economic, legal and social interests of their members;
  • promote fair competition, in the conditions of the law;
  • in the conditions of the law, they name representatives for negotiating and concluding collective employment contracts, as well as for other talks and agreements in the relations to public authorities and trade unions, as well as in bipartite and tripartite structures for social dialogue;
  • elaborate and promote business codes of conduct;
  • promote the principles of social responsibility;
  • ensure the information of their members, the facilitation of relations between themselves and with other organizations, the promotion of managerial progress; they also offer specialty consultancy and assistance services, inclusively in the field of employment and professional training, as well as in the field of occupational safety and health;
  • at the request of their members, they have the right to assist and represent the members before all kinds of courts of law, jurisdictional bodies, other institutions or authorities, through their own or elected defenders;
  • elaborate and implement employment and job placement policies;
  • elaborate economic and social development strategies and policies on a sector or national level, in the conditions of the law;
  • for their members and in the conditions of the law, they establish and administrate social units, cultural, educational and research units in their own field of interest, commercial companies, insurance companies, as well as their own banks.

The members of the management bodies of employer organizations are guaranteed legal protection against all types of discrimination, conditioning, compelling or limiting of the exercise of their attributions and/or mandate, under the sanction of legal punishments.

The nationally representative employers’ confederations may form a structure for the unitary representation of their interests, if this structure includes at least half plus one of the total numbers of representative employers’ confederations on a national level.