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The idea of unionism was mainly developed through the socialist channel in Romania, as a continuation of the socialist idea. Due to this, trade unions have been perceived as overlapping with socialist ideas for a long time.

207 trade unions were set up between 1846 and 1892, while other 233 trade unions were created between 1893 and 1898.

The Society of Bucharest Typographers - established in 1887 - can be accounted as the first workers' association, in the modern sense of the term. The railway workers started to organize their trade union at the same time, alongside miners, mechanics, metallurgists, locksmiths etc.

In December 1896, the Guilds' Trade Union was created. This encompassed, alongside trade unions from Bucharest, other trade unions from cities like Galati and Craiova. In 1887, the union had 17 member organizations, expanding to 20 in 1899.

Approximately 140 strikes took place between 1893 and 1899; 119 between 1900 and 1904; 122 in 1905; 340 in 1906.

Simultaneously with the industrial development of the country and with diversification of industry, more and more strikes are organized in different sectors. Workers improve their organizing and send their representatives in various meetings dedicated to industrial branches.